Project Description

Warren Farm, Chelmsford

Cost planning of infrastructure for a 150 acre residential development for Crest Strategic Projects. Works will provide new homes, one school, a neighbourhood centre and associated infrastructure in Chelmsford.

Crest Strategic Projects are developing a planning application for a 150 acre greenfield site to the west of Chelmsford.

The proposal includes provision of 858 residential units, one primary school and one nursery, and a neighbourhood centre, together with associated infrastructure.

Exigere have provided cost planning services for the infrastructure. This includes a new roundabout providing site access alongside adaptations to the existing roundabout. Offsite amendments will be made to traffic signals and new road infrastructure will service the site.

Plans also include an ecology park, woodland and amenity green space, parks and gardens, equipped play areas, sport pitches, allotments, foul water pumping station and attenuation ponds.

Client: Crest Strategic Projects

Planning Consultant: Andrew Martin Planning

Services: PBA

Highways: Vectos