Project Description

Minimising cost, enhancing value and delivering new standards

Remodelling existing office space can prove a viable alternative to a new build scheme, with the benefits of less risk, less cost and shorter construction programme. Our experience ranges from minor refurbishments of single floor plates up to £150 million refurbishment schemes across London.

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Users have specific demands for the 'fit out' of their space, its design and functionality ultimately impacting on how they work. Clients also need a quick programme and the ability to manage change during the process. We have worked with end‐users in financial, legal, professional and media sectors.

Office new build


Creating a viable and high quality new office development is extremely challenging given the current market conditions. We work closely with clients and designers to develop a commercial strategy that drives value, maximises efficiencies, mitigates risk and delivers certainty from inception to delivery.



Our experience on residences for individual clients establishes a clear and consistent approach to managing the budget and ensuring that the client understands their financial commitment. On larger developer‐led schemes, costs must be managed and controlled to ensure projected returns are achieved.