Project Description

Residential Units at Christian Street, Whitechapel

A warehouse style building that will undergo a major refurbishment to transform into residential accommodation.

Two additional storeys will be added to the existing rooftop, requiring strengthening of the existing frame, formation of new lift shafts and cores etc.

In total, the 33,000ft² building will provide 37 residential units, varying in size from studio flats to larger 3 bedroom apartments.

The latter will be located in the upper levels, benefitting from the better light and views.

Externally the façade will be repaired, existing doors will be replaced and new crittal windows installed.

Client: Pentax Limited

Procurement: Single Stage Traditional

Status: Pre-Contract

Approx. Cost: Confidential

Architect: Ben Adams

Services: GDM

Structure: Heyne Tillett Steel

QS: exigere

Partners view

“Exigere created a working methodology that ensured competitive tendering to supply performance based best practice. Our excellent experience will ensure a long term relationship.”
Niall Aitken, Partner

Clients view

“The insights that Exigere brought to our architecture and engineering firm have been priceless. They’ve served as a strategic advisor, conducting cost-saving operational reviews adding tremendous value to our firm.”
Bill Jones, BDO Architects

Did you know?

London Wall was the defensive wall first built by the Romans around Londinium, their strategically important port town on the River Thames in what is now the United Kingdom, and subsequently maintained until the 18th century.
This major warehouse style building refurbishment will house 37 residential units ranging in size. Two additional storeys will be added to the existing rooftop, the external façade will be repaired, external doors replaced and new crittal windows installed.