‘Total Quantity Surveying’ – The exigere way

‘Total Quantity Surveying’ – The exigere way

Peter Medland

Written by exigere


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Developing stars within a ‘one team’ approach

The phrase ‘Total Football’ dates back to the 1970s.

The famous Ajax of Amsterdam developed an innovative approach that required every player to not just cover every position, but to excel in it.

Many of their players became superstars, however Ajax were winners first and foremost because their approach to skill development and teamwork ensured positive results.

In football today, Manchester City have dominated England, whilst four other English teams will, historically, compete in the Champions League and Europa League Finals.

These successful teams all have two major things in common:

They all employ elements of Ajax’s ‘Total Football’ – full backs who attack, strikers who defend and centre halves who score crucial goals. Great players who excel in all areas of their profession.

Secondly, whilst those teams contain many ‘superstars’ – some home-grown, others brought in – they have achieved success through great players performing, first and foremost, as a team.

It’s the approach we take at exigere

By design, quantity surveyors at exigere develop skills, specialisms and knowledge in a range of sectors.

We have found that this holistic ‘total quantity surveying’ approach facilitates the transfer of knowledge from sector to sector that is difficult to achieve in traditional silos.

It produces a fresh approach to problem solving and best practice that drives immeasurable benefits and our clients tell us they love. It also provides our team with variety in the working day. Everybody benefits.

It might be different, but it needn’t be daunting. You work alongside and learn directly from partners every day. People who have been there, seen it, done it and are invested in your success.

Our approach produces successful quantity surveyors that are an asset to the team and can add value to a wide range of projects.

Shaping a team that performs at the highest level

We work alongside UK leading developers, architects, designers and contractors at the very top of the game.

End-user clients include everything from world famous names, to those established or up-and-coming in their chosen markets.

We have achieved this by developing fantastic quantity surveyors with specialist knowledge in all aspects of the job. People who can deliver projects end to end across a range of sectors.

We deliver the quality of projects often associated with larger QS firms but, crucially, at a company small enough for you to make a difference.



Who we look for…

Preparing for success

As a business we are growing.

We have achieved this by ensuring our team add real value, enjoy work and get the most out of their abilities.

We have an entrepreneurial approach – if you’ve got an idea, we want to hear it. Great things (and sometimes ‘good things’ are enough), can come from a spark of inspiration that’s inside all of us.

At exigere we expect everyone to add value to the business and help shape our future. Our team help define and improve our approach to projects, the office, working life and staff benefits each year.

We invest time and resources in our team and ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow within the business. We have twice promoted from Associate to Partner, and many more times at entry-level upwards.

Like the great football teams, our success is based on harnessing and developing skills in every individual, plus everyone working collaboratively for the benefit of the team.

We work hard together, we pride ourselves on it, and, as and when we achieve it, everyone shares in the success.

If you would thrive with this type of approach, we’d love to hear from you

We are always on the look-out for great people who want to help us grow and develop the practice and to share in these opportunities.

If you are looking to develop your career in an innovative and forward looking practice, please send us your details and attach a CV to us at:


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