Character and technical ability

Niall Aitken

We have a good blend of youth and experience. Character is important, people who can hold their own and challenge the norms in client and project meetings.

It also takes very good technical skills and a passion for the day job back at the office.”

Providing individual support

Fiona Corcoran

“It’s about finding the right people and we are selective in who we take.

It’s very important that people fit in to the approach and culture of the business. The partners spend a lot of time with the team and know everybody individually.”

A passion for the industry

Dan Fryer

“Being bright and having a passion for the industry is important, we can help with the rest.

We look for different skills and attributes because everybody can bring something unique, good ideas can come from anywhere.”

Great projects, fantastic clients

David Happell

“We employ non-cognate graduates and people outside of construction but with a real desire to get into this industry.

It’s about ambition, approach and passion for the projects. We work in key sectors with fantastic clients which is great for anyone building a career.”

Professionalism & communication

Nigel Hawes

Building relationships is a fundamental. You need to be able understand a client’s needs and communicate and interact with clients and the project team.

Professionalism and the enthusiasm to enjoy what we do are also essential ingredients.”

Personality above all else

Richard Hopper

We look for personality, it’s a big part of what we are about and our service to clients.

We are fortunate to have clients and consultants of a high calibre so new recruits see a great range of projects. It’s great fun working with people like that.”

Practical hands on experience

Peter Medland

We look for people who take responsibility and are proactive in their work and development and we support them to become chartered and move up in their career.

Getting an understanding of our approach to projects is crucial to the service we provide.”