What is the exigere Everybody Counts commitment?

At exigere we strive to provide an environment where everyone enjoys coming to work and where people know they can go on to achieve. That’s why we developed our exigere Everybody Counts commitment.

Across the business we commit to supporting each individual’s career growth and professional development. We refine and develop our approach in collaboration with the team every year.

What exigere will offer you:

Personal Mentor

Assisting through your early days, ensuring you have and know everything you need.

Training & Development Cluster Groups

Across section of colleagues, offering support at every level to support your progression.

Professional Qualifications

Financial and personal support to help you achieve recognised professional qualifications.

Technical Development

Learn on the job, developing your knowledge with the support of senior colleagues.

Commercial exposure

Work with industry leading clients on great projects, in one of the world’s greatest cities.


We invest in technology and provide all our people with the best tools for the job.

Continuous Professional Development

We commit to life long learning, from technical skills to industry seminars and awards.

Partner-led Involvement In You

You will work for and around partners who are committed to you success every day.

exigere staff members, Tom Brunt and Mitchell Crane working together.